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The Cretan cuisine differs from other cuisines because it tries to shuffle the flavors, even if using different materials to prepare the daily meal. Each material of these retain its autonomy, maintaining identity and flavor. Nothing comes to duplicate the taste of another. One could say that all coexist harmoniously, and ultimately reveal the delicate balance that characterize the cuisine of Crete.

The Cretan cuisine is way of life, simple, unadorned, without unnecessary spices, flavor enhancers without. But delicious. Through the simplicity of the invention emerge lady holding the hands of the experience of centuries but never keeps dropper, nor scales in the kitchen. If you ask how the flour needed some preparation will answer you and disarmingly simple "as lift" and is it a foolproof method of success, and if you do not understand those who prefer strict dosages.

What counts in Traditional Cretan Cuisine is imagination. The Cretan could eat every day greens or beans, but almost never eats the same food. He finds a way to bring new qualities of materials and different flavors. This is one of the main features of the kitchen all Greek regions in Crete, probably stronger because of the diversity of materials used ...

Historically if you look at the roots of the Cretan cuisine from ancient to modern times and not find substantive changes since very few materials have been added to those used by the prehistoric inhabitants of the island.

Excerpts from the book "Cretan Cooking" (The Miracle of the Cretan diet) of Maria and Nikos Psilakis, KARMANOR versions.